the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Conference (IV 2019)

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the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Conference (IV 2019)

20 June 2019 Non classé 0

As part of the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Conference (IV 2019) held in Paris from 9 to 12 June 2019, the Pascal Institute gave a demonstration on the last day of the event, on the Satory circuit.

The IEEE Symposium on Intelligent Vehicles 2019 (IV’19) is a major annual technical forum sponsored by the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS). It brings together researchers and practitioners from universities, industry, and government agencies around the world to share and discuss the latest advances in smart vehicle theory and technology. Papers on all aspects of intelligent vehicles, as well as proposals for workshops and special sessions are invited for IV’19. Additionally, the technical demonstrations and related exhibitions were present.

 The Pascal Institute wanted to illustrate its latest scientific contributions through several scenarios using its different mobile robots (AROCO, EZ10 and IPCAR). Agility, speed, convoy driving, location, avoidance and obstacle avoidance are all essential features for vehicles of the future. The Pascal Institute is positioning itself on increasing the autonomy of mobile robots by addressing all its themes with scientific contributions recognized internationally.

The day of June 12th saw the lab’s vehicles implement all its contributions through complex and dynamic courses. At this date, the researchers of the institute Pascal in collaboration with IRSTEA, through the labex ImobS3 presented 4 autonomous mobile robots: AROCO, EZ 10 and both IPCAR.

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