Images, Signal, Perception and Robotics

ISPR: Images Perception Systems and Robotics


  • Romuald AUFRERE, Assistant professor, ISPR, PERSYST
    romuald.aufrere@-Code to remove to avoid, +33 4 72 40 7892
  • Lounis ADOUANE, Assistant professor, ISPR, MACCS
    lounis.adouane@-Code to remove to avoid, +33 4 72 40 72 45
  • Omar AIT AIDER, Assistant professor, COMSEE, ISPR
    omar.ait-aider@-Code to remove to avoid, +33 4 72 40 55 67
  • Benjamin ALBOUY, Assistant professor, COMSEE, ISPR
  • Adélaïde ALBOUY-KISSI, Assistant professor, COMSEE, ISPR
  • Francois BERRY, Professor, DREAM, ISPR
    francois.berry@-Code to remove to avoid, +33 4 72 40 72 52
  • Christophe BLANC, Assistant professor, COMSEE, ISPR
    christophe.blanc@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Roland CHAPUIS, Professor, ISPR, PERSYST
    roland.chapuis@-Code to remove to avoid, +33 4 72 40 7754
  • Paul CHECCHIN, Associate Professor, HDR, ISPR, PERSYST
    paul.checchin@-Code to remove to avoid, +33 470 022 020
  • Thierry CHATEAU, Professor, COMSEE, ISPR
    thierry.chateau@-Code to remove to avoid, +33 4 72 40 76 60
  • Frédéric CHAUSSE, Assistant professor, COMSEE, ISPR
    frederic.chausse@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Marc CHEVALDONNÉ, Assistant professor, COMSEE, ISPR
    marc.chevaldonne@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Juan CORRALES RAMON, Assistant professor, ISPR, MACCS
    Juan-Antonio.Corrales-Ramon@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Michel DHOME, Senior Research Scientist, COMSEE, ISPR
    michel.dhome@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Jean Pierre DÉRUTIN, Professor, DREAM, ISPR
    j-pierre.derutin@-Code to remove to avoid, +33 4 73 40 72 63
  • Alexis LANDRAULT, Assistant professor, DREAM, ISPR
    alexis.landrault@-Code to remove to avoid, +33 4 72 40 72 64
  • Sébastien LENGAGNE, Assistant professor, ISPR, MACCS
    sebastien.lengagne@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Laurent LEQUIÈVRE, Engineer, ISPR, MACCS
    laurent.lequievre@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Maxime LHUILLIER, Researcher, COMSEE, ISPR
    maxime.lhuillier@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Youcef MEZOUAR, Professor, ISPR, MACCS
    youcef.mezouar@-Code to remove to avoid, +33 4 72 40 75 82
  • Maxime PELCAT, Assistant professor, DREAM, ISPR
    Maxime.Pelcat@-Code to remove to avoid, + 33 2 23 23 82 83
  • Eric ROYER, Assistant professor, COMSEE, ISPR
    eric.royer@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Jocelyn SÉROT, Professor, DREAM, ISPR
    Jocelyn.SEROT@-Code to remove to avoid, +33 4 72 40 73 30
  • Laurent TRASSOUDAINE, Professor, ISPR, PERSYST
    laurent.trassoudaine@-Code to remove to avoid, +33 4 72 40 7810
  • Céline TEULIÈRE, Assistant professor, COMSEE, ISPR
    celine.teuliere@-Code to remove to avoid, +33 4 72 40 72 30, room 4014
  • Benoit THUILOT, Assistant professor, ISPR, MACCS
    benoit.thuilot@-Code to remove to avoid, +33 4 72 40 52 11

Support staff

  • Serge ALIZON, Engineer, ISPR
    serge.alizon@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Gautier CLAISSE, Engineer, COMSEE, ISPR
  • Pierre-Yves LACROIX, Engineer, COMSEE, ISPR
  • Laurent MALATERRE, Engineer, ISPR, PERSYST
    laurent.malaterre@-Code to remove to avoid, +33 4 72 40 5384
  • François MARMOITON, Senior engineer, COMSEE, ISPR
    francois.marmoiton@-Code to remove to avoid


  • Lotfi ABDI, Postdoctoral researcher, COMSEE, ISPR
  • Miguel ARANDA, Postdoctoral researcher, ISPR, MACCS
    migaracal@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Carlos MATEO, Postdoctoral researcher, ISPR, MACCS
    cmmateo86@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Nadir OUDDAH, Postdoctoral researcher, ISPR, MACCS
    Nadir Ouddah@-Code to remove to avoid SPAM-
  • Pierre TISSEUR, Postdoctoral researcher, COMSEE, ISPR


  • , Doctoral student, ISPR, MACCS
    mounsif.mehdi@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Michal SCZEPANSKI, Doctoral student, COMSEE, ISPR
  • El Mehdi ABDALI, Doctoral student, DREAM, ISPR
    elmehdi.abdali@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Kamel ABDELOUAHAB, Doctoral student, DREAM, ISPR
    ke.abdelouahab@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Rustem ABDRAKHMANOV, Doctoral student, ISPR, MACCS
    abdrakhmanov.rustem89@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Abiel AGUILAR, Doctoral student, DREAM, ISPR
    abiel@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Lobna BEN KHELIFA, Doctoral student, DREAM, ISPR
    lobna.benkhalifa@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Nadhir Mansour BEN LAKHEL, Doctoral student, ISPR, MACCS
    nadir.benlakhel@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Anthony BERTHELIER, Doctoral student, COMSEE, ISPR
  • Jonatahn BONNARD, Doctoral student, DREAM, ISPR
    jonathan.bonnard@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Seyfeddine BOUKTACHE, Doctoral student, DREAM, ISPR
    seyfeddine.boukhtache@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Rohit CHANDRA, Doctoral student, ISPR, MACCS
    ol.chandra@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Laurent DELOBEL, Doctoral student, ISPR, PERSYST
    laurent.delobel@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Khouloud DAHMANE, Doctoral student, COMSEE, ISPR
  • Yosra DORAI, Doctoral student, COMSEE, ISPR
  • Achref EL-OUNI, Doctoral student, COMSEE, ISPR
  • Satoshi FUJIMOTO, Doctoral student, ISPR, PERSYST
    g.sotong@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Maryam GHANEIZAD, Doctoral student, COMSEE, ISPR
  • Dimia IBERRAKEN, Doctoral student, ISPR, MACCS
    iberdimai@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Damien JOUBERT, Doctoral student, COMSEE, ISPR
  • Abderahim KASMI, Doctoral student, ISPR, PERSYST
    abderrahim.kas@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Rawan KALAWOUN, Doctoral student, ISPR, MACCS
    rawankalawoun@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Simon KIRCHHOFER, Doctoral student, COMSEE, ISPR
  • Adrien KOESSLER, Doctoral student, ISPR, MACCS
    adrien.koessler@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Marwa LADHARI, Doctoral student, ISPR, PERSYST
    marwaldh@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Yizhen LAO, Doctoral student, COMSEE, ISPR
  • Harsh MAITHANI, Doctoral student, ISPR, MACCS
    harshmaithani09@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Siddharth MARAJE, Doctoral student, ISPR, MACCS
    siddharth.maraje@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Ala MHALLA, Doctoral student, COMSEE, ISPR
  • Kamal MOHY EL DINE, Doctoral student, ISPR, MACCS
    kamal.mohy_el_dine@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Mehdi MOUNSIF, Doctoral student, ISPR, MACCS
    mounsif.mehdi@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Ahmed NAGUIB, Doctoral student, ISPR, MACCS
    ahmed.m.naguib@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Charles-Antoine NOURY, Doctoral student, COMSEE, ISPR
  • Cyrille PIERRE , Doctoral student, ISPR, PERSYST
    cypierre58@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Charles PHILIPPE, Doctoral student, ISPR, MACCS
    charles.philippe@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Julia SANCHEZ, Doctoral student, ISPR, PERSYST
    julia.sanchez@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Achkan SALEHI, Doctoral student, COMSEE, ISPR
  • José SANCHEZ, Doctoral student, ISPR, MACCS
    jose.sanchez.loza@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Mohamed Lamine TAZIR, Doctoral student, ISPR, PERSYST to remove to avoid
  • Ruddy THEODOSE, Doctoral student, COMSEE, ISPR, PERSYST
  • Mohamed TAHOUN, Doctoral student, ISPR, MACCS
    eng.m.tahoun@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Yongzhe YAN, Doctoral student, COMSEE, ISPR
  • François DE LA BOURDONNAYE, Doctoral student, COMSEE, ISPR


  • Miguel ARRIAS, Assistant professor, DREAM, ISPR
    ariasmo@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Shuvra BHATTACHARYYA, Professor, DREAM, ISPR
    ssb@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Richard KLEIHORST, Researcher, DREAM, ISPR
    richard.kleihorst@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Paolo PAGANO, Researcher, DREAM, ISPR
    paolo.pagano@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Francesca PALUMBO, Assistant professor, DREAM, ISPR
    francesca.palumbo@-Code to remove to avoid
  • Claudio SALVADORI, Researcher, DREAM, ISPR
    claudio.salvadori.1978@-Code to remove to avoid